The underground in Rome


The Underground in Rome consists of three lines: line A (orange), line B (blue), line C (green), with the total longness of 53,1 km. The Underground consists of 67 stations, 51 of which are tunnel stations.

Two main lines A and B, are built in the shape of X, for cutting on Termini station, the main roman railway station. Besides, line B is divided in two directions on Bologna station.

Nowadays, the leg of line C is in construction process and the final complection is predicted to 2020. However, plan of the fourth line D, already exists.

Line A

Line A divides Rome diagonally from north-west to south-east. The terminal stations are: Battistini (Boccea zone) and Anagnina (Osteria del Curato zone).  27 stations are marked with the orange color, which is used for car and station decoration, and in the underground map.

Line B

Line B integrates the city from the south to the north-east, where the underground is divided in two spurs: the first with the destination to the east, the second – to the north-east. The terminal stations are: Laurentina (Giuliano-Dalmata zone), Rebibbia (Ponte Mammolo zone, near the Cognominal correctional institution) and Conca d'Oro (Monte Sacro zone).

Line B estimates 25 stations with the transport junction in Line A (Termini station) and uptown railroad Roma-Lido (stations: Piramide, Basilica San Paolo, and also EUR Magliana). Is marked with blue color, which is used for car and station decoration, and in the underground map.

Line C

Line C is in construction process from 2007, and divides the city from the north-west, in Della Vittoria zone, to the suburbs in the east, that is going out of il Grande Raccordo Anulare, with the general length nearly 25,6 km and 30 stations, and passage through the historical city center. Marked with green color.

In 2014 was already built 21,5 km of the way and 24 stations. The first leg of 15 stations of Monte Compatri — Pantano — Parco di Centocelle direction was brought into operation November 9, 2014.

Working hours

Prima corsa: 05:30 — Ultima corsa: 23:30;  :The first train : 05:30 – The last train: 23:30;
Ven-Sab: Prima corsa: 05:30 — Ultima corsa: 01:30; Fr – Sun: The first train : 05:30 – The last train: 01:30;

Personal opinion 


Everything is in comparison, that why with a certainty I can say you that metropolitan in central cities of Ukraine and Russia is much more attractive and clean than in Italy. Most of all I was impressed not by the carriages covered with graffiti, but the with the amount of rubbish and mud everywhere. Still some of metropolitan lines are under construction, and the most interesting fact that the last 6 years I visit Rome the building  works in C line are on the same level. I think that is connected with the problem near some stations in the city center ( for example near Colosseum), builders can only one time dig the ground and they have to call the team of archeologists and historians.

Nevertheless, the underground in Rome is comfortable and full of people only on rush hours, you don't have the impression that any time you move somewhere it is always crowded  and nobody is working but going anywhere. But I recommend you to move by bus.

Ticket for the underground valid also for bus and tram, punched ticket you can also use in bus or tram but for 90 minutes. You can buy it in every slot machine in metro station, tobacconist, news stall or inside the transport in small slot machines. If you come for a long time and want to save your money, there are daily, tree day ticket, seven day ticket or monthly ticket.

It is better to have than not to have the ticket because of the mulct is 50 euros, that can grow in a few days in the case of your disregard. Inspectors are dressed in blue uniform with  ATAC logotype, so you can easily recognize them in transport, when in Ukraine the man without the uniform can come to you and ask for you ticket showing only his documents.

Don't fare-dogle, respect the rules.